Why have a QHHT® Session?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) was developed by Dolores Cannon.     During a session, your higher self will guide you to past lives where you review events that help you resolve issues in your current life.   There are several reasons why a QHHT® session could be beneficial to your life and health.

  • Find solutions to current problems.
  • Get answers to tough questions or mysteries that have bothered you.
  • Gain insight into your life’s purpose.
  • Get help planning your future.


  • Prior to your appointment, create a list of questions that you would like to have answered during your hypnosis session.
  • Before we begin, I ask you about yourself and what you expect to get out of the session.    Then, we review your questions.
  • You enter a relaxed state of hypnosis.
  • We explore at least one or more of your past lives.
  • We connect with your subconscious.   Your subconscious is asked why you were shown those particular lives and the relevance to your life now.
  • Your subconscious answers the questions you prepared prior to the appointment.
  • After the session, we review the answers that the subconscious gave during the session.
  • You receive an audio and video recording of the session.

About Evelyn

In 2014, I learned of Dolores Cannon.    I was fascinated by Dolores’ books and YouTube videos.    When I realized that Dolores taught QHHT®, I wanted to learn the technique.    In mid-2016, I completed the Level 1 QHHT® course.    Currently, I am a Level 1 QHHT® practitioner performing sessions in Lawrence, KS.    Since the very beginning of my QHHT® experience, I have seen amazing results in clients.

For over 25 years I performed various roles in software development.    I have a doctorate degree in Computer Science.   QHHT® has been very enlightening.    I enjoy assisting clients in communicating with their higher selves and observing their remarkable results.



About QHHT®


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT®

World renown hypnotist and author, Dolores Cannon, spent over 40 years developing and perfecting the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).   Dolores Cannon has written several books about information that she and clients gleaned through QHHT. If you want to know more about QHHT, I suggest reading Dolores Cannon’s book, Five Lives Remembered. It is a good introduction to Dolores Cannon’s work.

Image of Five Lives Remembered Book, By Dolores